Mythological Trees

Poplar tree is a species of tree found in Asia, Europe and Africa. It is a fast growing tree that is frequently seen on the banks of rivers and streams in our country and attracts attention with its long length. The leaves of the branch leaves a little curl from the branch leaves poplar leaves move in the slightest breeze makes a sound. This causes the poplar to lose energy and at the same time draw more water and nutrients from the soil to meet this energy. As a result of this energy, poplar grow more and their length increases. From this perspective, these leaves are actually wind turbines for poplar. On the other hand, the sound of poplar leaves in the wind has a relaxing effect on the soul.

Poplar tree has an important place in Central Asian Turkish culture. The poplar tree, a bridge between the earth and the sky, is sacred. It is known that important decisions were made under the poplar tree in ancient Turks. The name of the poplar tree in Central Asia is “bay tirek” or “bay terek” which is the etymological source of the word “direk (pole)“. The word “evin direği (breadwinner)” is still used today for “baba (father)” İn Turkish comes from here. Because important decisions are made with the father, along with the father.

In Turkish mythology, the poplar tree, which connects with posthumous life, has also been the subject of many legends between in this world and the world of the dead in Greek mythology. One of these stories tells the love story between Hades, the god of the land of the dead, and Leuke. Hades is the brother of Zeus. When Zeus became the chief god, he left the land of the dead to Hades and the seas to Poseidon, and took over the skies himself. Hades falls in love with the forest fairy Leuke, the daughter of Okeanos and Thetis. He takes her to the land of the dead. But since Leuke is not immortal, she surrenders to death in the land of dead. Hades is very upset about this. He wants to convert Leuka into a tree that is connected to the world of the dead and makes Leuka, which means “white”, a white poplar tree.

You can see the poplar tree in almost all streams and rivers in Antalya.