Mythological Trees

When we go out to nature or move through nature on any road in the Mediterranean, dozens of trees meet us. Some of the shrub species, which we do not see as a forest, are small shrub groups and some of them are big coniferous trees which we call all pine trees. In fact, since human beings existed, each has a name.These are trees that have been sacred and legends and have meanings, tales, legends and stories in folk culture. With these stories, nature welcomes us with a much more powerful space energy. Each of these trees begins to gain more meaning. It makes us wander through other times, making us the hero of other stories. With the platonic love of Daphne, the daughter of Peneus, one of Apollo’s Greek sea gods, Daphne becomes immortal in mythology, transforming into a lush green bay in summer and winter. The laurel tree turns into tehnel oil which is one of the herbal remedies in Antalya, laurel soap in Antakya and a flavor giving flavor to fish and meat.

In many stories like this, trees like cedar, sandalwood and olive have roles. There are also real stories that make us feel the role of Anatolia in history with nature. For example, the seeds of the carob tree all have the same weight and weigh 0.2 grams. It was used to weigh precious stones in ancient times. The word carat is the Latin name for the Ceratonia.

Trees with Spirit
The notion that trees have a spirit to be respected is evident in mythology, not only in Anatolia, but throughout the world. Many trees such as cedar, juniper and cypress are considered sacred. In many places we see trees attached to shoddles in the mountains. Of these, Ambar Katranı, Ahtapot (Gedelma) Plane Tree and Shah Juniper are monumental trees living in the Western Mediterranean, whose ages are measured for centuries.

Antalya is a Paradise
For a tourist who comes to experience Antalya with its nature, culture and history, the spirit of space created by our mythological trees is a unique brand value for us. We can reflect this spirit to our guests with visual arguments in our historical places, national parks and tours to nature, as well as in our tourism facilities.

The main purpose of the Mythological Trees Project is to enable visitors to Antalya to find themselves in a new story where they will feel the unique spirit of Antalya’s unique natural space. With the project, tourists will meet the mythological stories of the trees they encounter in both the hotels they stay in and the ancient cities or city centers they visit and capture the original spirit of the place. For example, the place and importance of Olympos Mountain in mythology, the integration of ancient cities and mythological tree legends in the same geography will change the meaning of the environment in which tourists are located; the strong spirit of space will reinforce the number of tourists coming again, and will attract new and more tourists to different types of alternative tourism in this geography.

Some of the mythological trees can be seen in other Mediterranean countries. However, legends and stories are unique to us since they are generally in Anatolia. Today, when an internet search is made about mythological trees, the paintings drawn by foreign painters are always reached. We need to bring these myths to the forefront as a brand value. Mythological Trees Project aims to bring these trees to the forefront as one of the brand values of Antalya with different studies.