Mythological Trees

The most common species of cypress tree in Turkey is Mediterranean cypress ranging in all Eastern Mediterranean countries. The biggest natural forest of the Mediterranean cypress in the world is in the Köprülü Canyon in Antalya. Cypress is generally known as the tree of cemeteries in Anatolia. It is believed that this tree, which is evergreen, makes a connection between earth and sky and with its length brings the good news from the other side because of its green color. Besides, it is among the preferred trees of the holy places due to its appearance resembling a candle flame.

One of the legends of the cypress tree dating back to the ancient period is told through animal love. According to legend, Cyparissus is a very good hunter and he is very emotional. He writes beautiful poems and influences the listeners with these poems. God Apollo also hears these poems. He meets Cyparissus and is very impressed by it. He gives him a very special deer as a gift. This deer with gold horns is the best friend of Cyparissus. Together they spend time in the beauty of nature. Cyparissus is a good hunter, but one day he somehow shoots this deer without knowing. It is also said that Apollo showed jealousy and therefore changed the direction of the arrow, but eventually Cyparissus became very upset. He asks for help to God Apollo. Apollo’s own anger prevails and turns him into a cypress tree, the symbol of sorrow . “I will mourn for you, and you will mourn for others,” he says to Cyparissus. Latin name of the cypress tree nowadays waiting for cemeteries is Cupressus and gets its name from this legend.

Cypress tree is a type of tree commonly found in almost all cemeteries. It is also frequently used in hotel and roadside landscapes.