Mythological Trees

Plane tree is a type of tree that spreads from the Balkans to India and loves water. It survives on flat plains where ground water is near the surface, on the banks of the river and around 1100 meters. Where there is a plane tree in nature, there is a high probability of water supply. It has always attracted the attention of people with its wide leaves and wide canopy form.

This tree, which often grows right next to human settlements since ancient times, has been cared for in many cultures throughout the history and has been used frequently in village squares and coffeehouses and in the city landscape. In the legends described in the ancient period, the plane tree witnessed many events and the shadow of the plane tree was a place where the laws were applied.

Baukis and Philemon of Pergamon
A legend in Greek mythology speaks of a loving couple. Baukis and Philemon are husband and wife. They live around Bergama and love each other very much. One day, two guests come to the house of this couple who spend their lives in the Pergamon plain. They will welcome them immediately. They prepare their meals and entertain them. They offer plenty of wine. Every time they fill the wine, they realize that the wine never decreases. They understand that these guests are not mortal like themselves. It really is. These guests, dressed as human beings, were Zeus and her son Hermes. They have come to this village, which has long neglected their gods, in the guise of people, to look at what is happening. Baukis and Philemon wanted to be guests in all the houses until they came home, but no one accepted them, but instead turned them away. Zeus explains them who they are and wants to reward them for their hospitality. They say that they love each other very much and that they want to die at the same time when the death comes. Days come and pass, when the time comes Zeus converts Baukis into a linden tree with odorous flowers while Philemon is converted into a plane tree. They are now two trees rising up into the sky.

You can see plane trees in Kaleiçi, Antalya, hotel landscapes, ruins of ancient cities and all water sides such as streams, rivers, springs and lakes.